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I’m a 23-year-old creative from Oxford, England. I recently graduated with 1st Class Honours in Graphic Design from The University of Leeds and spent 2015 working for Exposure in New York. My primary interest lies in the role design can play in creating and shaping physical experiences. I launched Farside Studio in 2016 and am currently available for commission in Amsterdam.


∙ Brand Identity
∙ Digital / Interactive
∙ Traditional Print & Editorial
∙ Image creation
∙ Animation & Film
∙ Live Audio-Visual Performance
∙ Creative Strategy
∙ Experience Design

Working Values

When working I value routine, discipline and consistency. I want to be surrounded by positive, healthy, energy-up people, who hold mutual value and respect for each other. I believe that trusting relationships create the most inspired outcomes.

Aesthetically I am a minimalist; I value design outcomes that have been distilled down to the very essence of their function, enabling elegant and direct results. This applies to the way I write, visually communicate and code. I believe this creates human led design that is heuristic, honest and understated.

I approach emerging technologies confidently, and have a natural ability to adapt, combine and manipulate them in ways that produce entirely new outcomes.

Conceptually I value depth. I want to create work that is thoughtful, intellectually engaging, and looks beyond the superficial. Through thorough referencing of a diverse range of ideas, culture and imagery, I hope to always produce unfamiliar results that push current thinking and create new perspectives.


Full CV available on request.
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